I have an underperforming direct.  I've put her on an informal "coaching plan" and have tweaked it along the way (before I stubbled on Mgr. Tools).  She continues to underperform.  One of the metrics which we measure are the timeliness of her contacts with our customers (I work in the insurance industry).  She forgets to follow up with them which causes delays and issues with quality and poor customer service.  Some items that we included in her coaching plan were:  Manager samples her files to ensure adequate follow-ups and provides feedback; manager placing random calls to her customers to gauge customer service; Direct keeps a calendar of her follow ups and follows up with customer on due date to name a few.  The problem is that the plan seems to be heavily concentrated on the manager's actions and not the direct's.  I recall listening to a podcast that spoke about having the direct guide their own plans.  

Does that advice also apply to direct's with performance problems?  

I'm looking for advice on coaching directs who have performance problems.  I'm afraid the next step will be putting her on a formal coaching plan.  

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Hmmm. You are already spending significant time on this issue. One cast you may find helpful is

How to Fire Someone (Well, Almost) (Late Stage Coaching Model)

I would add that the advice from MT includes spending more time with your top performers. I encourage you to work through the coaching model (including providing feedback) and hopefully improve the situation. You will find by following the advice in this model that should performance not improve both you and your direct will know it.

Keep us posted in the forums.

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Sounds like that podcast may work!  By the way, I just set up my weekly one-on-one's with my directs and plan to use your model.  Today, I used your feedback model (positive feedback) on another direct to get a feel for it.  You should have seen the smile on his face!  


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I once had two underperforming employees (servers at the WAFFLE HOUSE) and felt they were wasting everyone's time. I kept a performance log and, after several meetings explaining to them what I expected, I finally had them sign a piece of paper: "I understand that if I fail to do A, B, C and D, my employment will be terminated immediately." They actually fired themselves (stopped showing up for work)...
A good resource: The Right Way To Say Goodbye by Jack/Suzy Welch

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