Hello all,

I am looking for help on how to measure or create measurements and time tables for some (seemingly) intangible goals/outcomes for servers & bar staff in the F&B/Hospitality Industry. 

I am fairly new to management though a long time front line worker in the F&B Industry and I am struggling with building a “scorecard” or MT style goals/outcomes for servers and bartenders.  Currently there are only Job descriptions that list responsibilities, and focuses on what the staff will/should be doing not on what they must be getting done.

I have identified some of the main points that I would like to see measured, if you have any ideas on how to build on them or any that you think are missing or misplaced, that would be super insightful.  I look forward to your comments.

1) Guest Satisfaction:  We are looking at implementing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) comment card in all of the checkbooks to help.  I would also like to grade against the set standards of service by maybe using secret shoppers; any other ideas?

The main issue I have hear is how to I make this time based or, do I need to make it time based?  Seeing as we desire to have this done consistently, how do we fit the time-based component in here?

2) Knowledge: Has a 90% or better knowledge of the all menus within 2 months of date of hire.

By testing or giving quizzes on a regular basis (say once a month on select material) I feel that we can determine % competency in menu knowledge.  I can put a time limit on new hires.   I seem to run into trouble on how we can do it with employees who are already working or employees who pass their 2 months, since we don’t want them to forget the menus after two months.

3) Teamwork:  I really don’t have much of an idea on how to measure this or what outcomes could be measured from this.  Possibly, how many negative confrontations they have with staff?  Or how many times they help another employee in need?

4) Communication; another difficult one for me.  To be lumped in with teamwork?  I believe that we would be able to grade the calling names of the food items, foreign wines, et al when quizzing the staff and use it as an indicator of communication.  It’s also worth noting that I work in Shanghai, China.  We have all Chinese staff except for some owners and managers and the main language spoken, on any given day is English.

This is getting long, I’ll stop for now.  Though I would love to hear your comments and or experiences for those who work or own Companies in this Industry.  Thank you in advance.