Hi MT- Managers,

Performance is a word often used in MT podcasts.

I’m an IT team member responsible for interfacing Business with IT. It’s unclear to me what management uses as guidelines for measuring my performance.

1. How do you measure performance of your directs?
2. How do you know, measure weather a employee is performing excellent / good / average / bad?
3. What are the indicators that you use?
4. Imagine a re-org is on the way, you have to lay off  either of 2 of your 4 team members. Member 1 is an high "I", everybody likes him, he performs "good". However team Member 2 is performs Excellent, high "D", but not liked in the organisation.  Members 3, 4 are excellent performers well and loved by the organisation. How would you apply 'performance' to decide which to fire?
4. Any other tips, or ideas..


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1.  How would you measure their performance?  The obvious stuff is probably:  Do they achieve the results we want in the time we want at the cost we want?  Do they play well with others?  When new commands come down the pipe do they become first adopters or do they resist?  Etc, etc.

2.  See above.  Look for glaring weaknesses in those categories first.  For example, that high D you mentioned who performs in your excellent category - Is he simply a high D, or is he taking the D to its extreme and engaging in behaviors that hurt the team or his relationships outside of the team that help him get work done?  Another example, ambition.  Have any of them gone above and beyond to learn skills or take on work beyond the strict rules of their role?

3. What do you mean by indicators?  Beyond what's discussed above.

4.  It sounds like you already know 3 and 4 are your keepers.  If you have to go beyond that, determine which is the greatest liability to the team.  The high D's relationship issues (if they exist.  If not don't ding him just for being a high D) or the weaker performance of the high I.

4.2 - Other tips?  Work on it now.  Don't wait for an order to come down, try to get everyone working on their weaknesses and adjusting their behavior now.  Fix the problem in order to protect your directs if you can.  It's probably what you'd want your boss to do, right?