Hey Guys,

What an honor to be one of the First Three Winners of the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards. Thanks for the great work you have done in delivering a superior podcast. I honestly can tell you, I haven't been impressed with too many of them out there on the management relm. You guys (MANAGER TOOLS) are truly professionals. THANK YOU.

Everything on the website is a definate help in day to day management issues. It truly has given me the tools needed to develop as I work towards my management career. As a clinician, I don't have the opportunities to develop my leadership capabilities to their fullest potential. Since joining Manager Tools, these tools and podcasts have been extrememly beneficial.

Thanks for a great first year. Looking forward to many more to come.


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Thanks Todd! We are looking forward to another year of helping our community become even more effective.

It's STILL a privilege... and way too much fun.