Hi All - I been searching thru the forums for Podcasts recommendation that focus on the transition from Peer/Co-worker to team lead.  I figure something less than 45 minutes for his drive to and from work that we could discuss during our O3's.

Back Story:  New to the company as the supervisor/manager of a department.  1 year into the role.  The team lead was promoted about 6 months before me coming on board from within the team.  He been with the company for about 5 years before the promotion.  Very smart and hands on because he beat out other senior team members for the role.  Result and Relatonship at its finest with whom make the decision on filling the role.  Overall, the Team Lead ensure we meet our bottom line KPIs.  However, I do see a lot of frustration from him on dealing with challenging team members.  I know his intend, but I also feel the hesitation from him.  Prior to coming on board, he has been brought up to the HR office pretty often by some disgruntle members of his team. Those visit to HR had made him too wary of what he know he LACK, which I complete understand because I went thru something similar.  It was more of a transition from a College to "They" for me.  Actually, I had to visit the HR office very often in the beginning to address the reporting by the team members.  Nothing came out of it because the people that reported the concern didnt have much to stand on.   Even tho I FEEL that we are moving toward where I want to be, I wanted to focus more of his development as a Team Leader.  I want to give him leadership tools which he could choose to develop his proffesional behaviors.  I hope this make sense.  

This Team Lead development came out from the O3's with the team lead.  I wanted to use a podcast to jump start and brain storm possible leadership development with him.  Team Lead, not a management role, but represent the manager/company.  Thank you - Sam