I'm a huge fan of one on ones with my direct reports and so are they. I'd like opinions on having one on ones with peers whether they are in my managers group or whether they are business folks (I'm in IT) or peers from other IT Groups (I'm in infrastructure - they're in app dev).

Is anyone doing it? finding value? have a different structure from the direct report one on one model? what is that?


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I have met one on one with a peer (another team leader) since I started in that role about 1 year ago and yes it is definitely worthwhile. We are able to keep each other up to date on team development and project work (Now, we are a project based company so his team members work with my team members and this changes regularly).

We also focus on each other's progress a little and try to discuss feedback or coaching/training going on in the group. We are the only two team leaders in our department so its helpful to be on the same page when delivery news and updates in our one and ones. We also help to relay information between the group (even though I wish it happened directly, we're working on that)...

In my experience, it is worthwhile, at least in my small department.