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Mike & Mark,

I really liked this members-only podcast. It gave me some practical tips on putting the DISC stuff into immediate practise - thank you.

I loved your anecdote at the end about the flight attendant who went from being grumpy to plying you both with free drinks. And I have a question. How did you do it? I understand that we should observe people's behaviour and quickly assess their tendency (for D i S or C) and then 'lean' toward their style by changing our own behaviour.

But this flight attendant was 'having a bad day' so how did you change your behaviour to match hers more closely? Obviously you didn't also act grumpy. What did you do?


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I would like to hear the answer to this question also. We all run into people who are having a bad day and wish we could be more effective with them regardless of their mood, such as at the mall during Christmas time.


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I flattered her, with what the DISC model suggested she would most appreciate, and brought her co-workers into the equation as well.

Successful, yes; illustrative or edifying, no.