I recommend Patrick Lencioni's series of "management fables." Each slender little volume focuses on one or more particular management issues/behaviors, and takes the reader through a story that explains how to address them effectively. Hie newest entry is on the problem of "silos" (which we call stovepipes, in my line of work...same thing).

Lencioni's style and the fable format make for an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable read.


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Len and others-

I heartily agree with the Pat Lencioni recommendation. Pat has autographed MANY of his books for me, and I have given probably 10 of them as gifts.

They are approachable and actionable.

Good call!


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Easy to read and easy to implement the concepts. The writing style seems very natural.

I think anyone who manages a team should get this one ASAP.

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Patick Lencioni's ability to hone in on the critical areas for change in teams and meetings mirrors the hands-on, ready-to-apply tools offered by Manager-Tools.

After reading "Death by Meetng," I actually [i]enjoyed [/i]a week of observing a variety of meetings. (Yes, I participated, too, as appropriate.) Each meeting could be codified per his types, allowing me to offer feedback to the facilitator/chair...and, of course, to strongly recommend reading the book and applying Lencioni's model.

Thank you, Mark, Mike and Patick. Keep up the great advice, please.

Best regards,

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Lencioni's "5 Dysfunctions of a team" has been a very popular book around the office over here.

The concept of "Healthy Conflict" has really changed the way that I approach my team meetings as well as meetings with my peers.

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I read "The Five Disfunctions" and "Overcoming The Five Disfunctions." I found the biggest obstacle to tackle was the Absence of Trust. It's a hard one to win people over on. Most people don't even realize it's there.

I will need to look into the Management Fables. His writting style in the Five Disfunctions made the read a lot easier. I liked his style.

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Mark made me discover them : I listened to "5 dysfunctions of a team" and bought the book. I listened to "death by meeting" and loved it too.
I then bought two other audio books from him.

I usually don't like fables but those are very good, and there is a clear sum-up at the end.

"5 d of a team" was an eye opener for me ...

I feel those principles perfectly comply with MT principles.

Thanks for that, Mark.


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It was my distinct pleasure.


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I have heard Patick Lencioni in person twice. He is an effective communicator. I have said elsewhere on another posting in MT that his Five Dysfunctions of a team was a work I took our team through. His website is very interactive.

I heard him both times at Willow Creek's Leadership Summit.



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A follow-up from my post of yesterday. Patrick's website is In looking at the website today, it doesn't seem as interactive as I remember. I think that was because he had a whole section for the Leadership Summit attendees that no longer is on the website. That Summit was last August. So I can see why that section wouldn't be there any longer.

At the Summit he spoke about thematic goals. The concept was to focus the organization every six months on an overall goal with supporting goals, so that everyone was pulling in the same direction. Staff meetings would include reporting on how the goals were progressing, etc. We have implemented the concept and have found it a great way to focus energy and resources. In that section for Leadership Summit attendees he had charts and pdf files we could download and use.