I'm an American who has lived and worked overseas for over 20 years as IT Project and Program Manager working in the Finance industry.  

I'm living and working in Hong Kong, and I've lived and worked in Japan and Singapore as well.

I often hear that overseas experience is supposed to be useful, but I honestly question this for jobs back in the States.

Please pardon the general question. 

While I do believe my overseas work experience has really rounded out my career and given me a wealth of experience working with different cultures in different types of working environments, as I'm now looking to return to the States, I have to wonder what my USP* on this is, and how much, if at all, more marketable that makes me.

*Unique Selling Point





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It would really depend upon the company you are looking at.  If they are a US domestic company who only works in the US, then the international experience may be of little value.  However, companies that are international or looking to become international are going to see value.  Understanding different cultures and languages is only really helpful if those skills and understanding can be applied at the new company. 

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I think that if you have been working as an IT Project and Program Manager, it doesn't matter where that was. If the prospective company chooses to ignore your experience simply because it was overseas, they are being blinkered and i would question whether that comapny is the right choice for me if i were in your shoes. What really matters is that you have done the job. The international experience gives you some nice soft skills and a global perspective, but i think the "need to have" is the industry experience, and i don't think it matters where you got that experience from.



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I would agree with you both.  it's really more family and friends outside my industry who seem to think it's great experience and makes one more attractive to prospective employers.