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My name is Jim Clark. My last position was Program Manager for a company with numerous state and federal contracts for call center related activities and processing. I managed four regional contact centers for the Deptartment of Homeland Security. Recently, the contract was awarded to a low bidder and I've been searching for my next position since January.

I have been a member of MT for some time now and have greatly benefited from the numerous resources provided at no cost. A benefit that is coming in handy these days, although I know there's a move to premium content offerings. I hope to be able to continue learning after these changes.

I have used many of the tools that have been provided from the feedback model, interviewing techniques, thank you letters, resumes. etc. I believe they have made a difference already and will continue to do so. One of my downfalls has been building my network. I'm not sure if it's a personality thing or just a mental block. Which may explain my challenge of finding my next role. I do not have a network on which to fall back.

To summarize, I have over 15 years management experience mostly in techincal support operations and contact centers. I'm married with three girls. If anyone would know someone I should add to my network I would be glad to hear it. I have and will relocate for the right position and right company.

Thanks for a great, resource-filled podcast. I look forward to and enjoy each one, and always find at least one nugget to use in my management roles.

Jim Clark


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Jim, good luck in your search for a new home! I know that Mike and Mark are both very determined that premium content remain [i]premium[/i] and not required. The podcasts themselves will always be free. Premium content will consist of transcripts and other additional benefits. Although, when it becomes available, the interview series should be more than worth the cost!

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Welcome sir. Glad you're here.

NOTHING you presently enjoy here will EVER cost you anything. Premium content will be added stuff, at 15 bucks a month.