I started managing a team at the beginning of February. However, I was not made fully aware of some of the important nuances of the team. For example, the previous manager was basically demoted - something they are not too happy about - and is not a subordinate of mine. This team is very entrenched in their ways, and I have been tasked with making some much-needed changes.

How do I convince the team to help me effect changes that will improve efficiency and productivity for the overall good of the team?

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Slowly build trust.

Act ethically

Act with integrity.

Use O3's and build the relationships.

Talk about Peformance as an organizational thing, not a personal thing.  The language you use will slowly help align them to an organizational perspective.   --- Some won't like it and decide to leave.  Whoever is left, and new hires, will begin to come around.

Expect that it will take 6 to 9 months to start seeing some progress.

Listen and Follow the advice on Manager Tools

Good Luck


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It's likely that everyone knows there are difficult issues involved. Don't approach it by trying to wheedle or coerce them into doing what you want. Bring them in to be part of the solution. Give them ownership of the outcome. You'll be more successful if your team feels like they're controlling their own destiny rather than pushing or nudging them in a particular direction.

Lay the issues on the table. I'd suggest addressing the issue during your time in O3's. Lay out the goals. Let them know you'll be asking for their input and assisting in forming a plan and implementing solutions. Have a team meeting in a couple weeks and lead them as a team. Come up with a plan. Put directs in charge of particular tasks related to the solution. Don't just do it for show. They're the ones who are going to be performing the tasks. As long as the efforts go toward achieving the stated goals, let them decide how they want to proceed.

In a situation like this one of your enemies is directs who don't feel as if their opinion matters. It can foster an "us vs. them" attitude. The sooner you can foster a team attitude toward the solution the better off you'll all be.