A couple of weeks ago I was sponsored by my organization to attend management and leadership training put on by a national training organization that shall remain unnamed. The course was decent and the instructor was quite good, although it was obvious that he did not listen to M-T. Much of this course was based on small-group discussion and even though I was one of a couple pre-management people in a room of experienced managers, I found that the tools I'd picked up here quickly stole the show and were far ahead of the course material. I was actually reassigned to a couple of other groups to help them with issues they were trying to solve as previous groups voted me the one with the most effective ideas!

It was really exciting for me and really an esteem boost to see how I would do in comparison to other managers. But I owe it all to the easy (and free!) tools I've picked up from Mark & Mike's podcasts. Keep up the good work, guys - there's a whole world of managers out there that need to learn what you're teaching!


P.S. I've got a BBA and [i]nothing[/i] I learned in school comes close to the gems that are shared in these casts!

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I could not agree with you more!
It sounds like the "other" training only served as validation of Manager Tools; which is a lot.
Your task now is to "influence" your organization to adopt the Manager Tools Conference as its default management training.

I attended the Newark Conference in May and have gotten so much out of it. I have been inundating my team with Manager Tools references and encouraging them to use the free tools. I will be sending my team members there in the future.

Good Luck and I hope you have the opportunity to attend an MT conference.