I listened to the "Managers Are Communicated THROUGH" cast.  I was thinking about the many broadcast ("all hands") email messages I receive daily.

How do we manage a large volume of organizational spam?  In my case, based on the volume, it is difficult or impossible to respond with value to each and every message I receive.




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 Hi Steve,

After listening to that podcast I also thought about the time it would take to add to the emails send out to staff. What I now try to do is add value to the few where it matters most. As you said, it's about adding value and for me its seldom more than one or two extra paragraphs in one or two emails each day. If I think I can give more context or meaning to the email then I will add it, but I hope to not add anything unless its useful. After a few months of doing this however I plan to ask the staff if we both agree with 'what's useful'!