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Good morning.  I was in the process of updating my resume when a recruiter called me about  a position in my area.  While the opportunity didn't interest me overmuch, I had developed a relationship with this recruiting firm so we started chatting about life and industry in general.  On a whim, I asked him how many pages they prefer to see in a resume?  His response was 'two'.  This being in line with the 'Rites of Passage' mantra but not necessarily in concert with the 'Manager Tools' school of thought.


Has anyone else asked their recruiting contacts what they prefer and could you post it?  


At present, I'm keeping two resumes, as I seem to have found a divided but equal philosophy here... 

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How many pages does it take for you to list your most important accomplishments, your relevant results, your jobs and your education - using straightforward and undecorated prose, presented with typical page margins and large enough to read font size?  THAT'S how long your resume should be.

(OK, I'm making a general pronouncement there, but I hope I'm making the point: what's IN the resume is more important than how long it is).

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Perhaps they ask for two because they often see them much longer, and have despaired of ever seeing a good one pager.

A great one pager works for almost everyone.  Read the related "Lucht v. Hortstman"  thread that's active right now.  

John Hack