First, thanks for the podcasts, which I always find thought-provoking and instuctive.

Two wise men have said, "The most productive time that you spend as a manager is during one-on-ones." Here's my twist on the problem of scheduling them: I am a litigating attorney, and manage a group of other attorneys who, like me, are subject to the scheduling whims of people wearing black robes, opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, and superiors within the firm. We're thus out of the office a lot, and our weekly schedules fluctuate wildly.

I can almost hear Mark saying, "If you make one-on-ones your top priority, they'll happen." If there is any more specific advice about creating an orderly meeting schedule out of chaos, please send it along. Thank you.

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I assume court doesn't start until a certain hour and ends after a specific time. Can you schedule them early or late?

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Take a look at the last 3 months of everyone's calendars. Analyze what times woud have worked. That usually works.

Also, have some at the courthouse. That helps.

And, be willing to reschedule each week.