What are some good tips on starting one on ones after you have been in place for a couple years?

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I would recommend rolling out O3s just as described in the "Rolling out the Trinity with your Team" podcast.  I started with this method even though I didn't start my management job using the trinity.  Everything turned out just fine.


  • Tell your team in a meeting that you are going to start O3s.  Decribe intent, ground rules and the O3 agenda.  Answer questions.
  • Send out an email with signup times (1.5 times the # of directs) and a start date 3 weeks out.
  • Send out meeting invitations as requests come in and an update email the remaining signup times available


As for doing the O3s, if your directs want more guidance consider sharing "Preparing for Your One on One" podcast and emphasizing that you will talk about whatever that they want to talk about.  Think about how you will start the meeting ala the "The First Question in Your One on One" podcast. 


I also think about any team or organization updates to give out during my portion of the meeting.