I am about to begin the process of one-on-ones and would like to know if anyone has been doing them on a bi-weekly basis. If so, I would like to hear your opinion about the effectiveness of this verses a weekly basis. Here is why.

Working in a municipal law enforcement agency, I have a rather uniquely different environment. Through a daily briefing/roll call, we have contact each day with our direct reports at the beginning of their shift. Additionally, these employees are call driven and seldom have ongoing projects; I plan to change this to some degree. Having been sold on one-on-ones by Mark and Mike, I am determined to have them bi-weekly at the least.

Any feedback regarding the bi-weekly meetings as well as using these tools in a public service oriented roll would be appreciated.

By the way, I have mentioned my intentions to a couple of my direct reports. The most common response received was that I would be the first boss in their career to do anything like it.

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Having taught one on ones to many governmental agencies, and to municipal law enforcement, here are my thoughts:

1. Bi-weekly doesn't work as well. Humans tend to think in weekly increments. Every other week loses some of the value.

2. The daily briefings you do don't do anything for one on ones. That's a group on ones are about communicating with individuals.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Mark. I will begin the weekly one-on-ones in three weeks. In the mean time I am interested in talking to someone in a municipal agency who is using one-on-ones for police officers.

Either way, I will check back and tell you how it goes.