I have 11 directs and have struggled over the last 9 months to run consistent one on ones. 
My team are geographically distant and spend 80% of their time driving mostly in areas of poor mobile coverage (Scotland). 
My scheduled 1on1's often get missed due to other priorities from me or them, we look after critical telecoms infrastructure so that take priority over all meetings/other activists.

I speak to my team on a regular basis when allocating work so usually speak them all a few times a week. Should I migrate my one on ones to these inforamal non planned chats or try something else?

I am trying to nail one on ones before starting feedback. 

thanks in advance for any comments.


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You definitely want to have OOOs under some control before getting into feedback.

Actively supervising eleven directs is pretty heavy load for a manager.  Perhaps aim for performing 75% of possible OOOs (including done after rescheduled) for each person, for now.  That'd be missing only one a month.

Meantime, maybe there's some way to craft some scheduling windows?  At one of my past workplaces, we each had a day each week we were blocked into the office, to allow for OOOs, trainings, paperwork, and debriefs with other functions.  Worked well for us.