Lets say I have a team of 10 people.  There are 5 roles on the team, so essentially 2 people do a very similar role on the team for each role.  They may be experts in a particilar area, but are able to cover the entire role if the other person was out of the office or busy working on a project.  They also work on different projects that may be in their field of expertise.

Is it OK to combine a one-on-one meeting and have two people in it to cover any necessary items?  It can be helpful if both people know what the other is working on and what is going on with their area.  I understand the need to meet individually, but I wonder if we would miss out on something by not having them both meet together to discuss what they are working on.

We already have a large team meeting once a week to go over the high priority items and their progress.

Any thoughts?  Thank you very much.

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You claim to understand the need to meet individually, but you do not.

It's one-on-one so you can build a relationship with that person and work with them individually. Lumping them together by role just makes them feel like cogs in a machine, not people.

They meet together more than often enough in other meetings.