Hi all,

I've done some reading on One Note and it looks to have a lot of potential for what it claims to do. Does anyone have experience using it with a digital pen for brainstorming, and rough diagrams?


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I've used OneNote on a tablet PC, both as a student and in the office.

From an office-worker's perspective, OneNote is nice if you're comfortable with technology. OneNote's tabs helped me keep my notes organized by project and subject. It was also great for checklists, idea lists, etc. While I didn't need to use it often, the search function was able to go through all my hand-written notes, when I was looking for something specific.

There were several features I tried but didn't seem very effective. “Writing-to-text” translation was time consuming and error prone. It was also unnecessary because most of my note taking is just for concepts and ideas. If I needed the text in a document, I could easily type it later. Also, the synchronized recording was never useful because of microphone quality.

My main problem wasn't with OneNote but the durability of the tablet PC. My school tablet lasted about three years (long enough to finish school!) My work tablet only lasted about 1.5 years...lots of wear and tear going from meeting to meeting. Battery life was challenging also. I'm back to my logbook, but thanks to my experience with OneNote, I now use "tabs" to keep project notes and different lists together.

I'm sure others have had different experiences! Best of luck!


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I use OneNote as a personal note taking tool. If I want to do brainstorming or group note taking, I'll usually use MindManager Pro.

Lately though I've been taking a lot of notes just on paper since I'm trying to use my computer less in meetings than more.

I just got a new Lenovo X61 and will probably use it more for notetaking since it has some serious battery life (~8 hours).