I've just started doing O3s with my directs and would like to get some sense of how more experienced managers handle O3s when the following occurs (assuming that the O3s are intended to occur on the same date and time every week by default):

* Either one of us is not in the office on the scheduled day, due to illness, time off, or work events.

Do you:

* Skip it that week.

* Reschedule if possible.

* Conduct the O3 over the phone or Zoom. This would only work in some cases. If one of us is deathly ill or on vacation, I don't see this happening.

What has worked for you?


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I reshcedule or do a Zoom/ phone O3.  You want to keep the cadence and show this is important.  It may require some gyration.  In the Before Times, I would travel to China while the rest of my team was in the US.  I'd be up at 4AM China time to have a call with them for the O3.  It also let me get out of a few late nights with sales guys that were hosting.