Hello, I am very new to Manager Tools and the O3 concepts. 
I am a Director of an IT department for a small technical college in PA. I am interested in adopting the O3's for my staff, but curious if anyone has tried this on IT folks? Us IT folks can be a bit odd and typically prefer to be left alone. I like the idea of O3's but was curious if weekly meetings would work for this type of crowd. Any thoughts or suggestions for how to make this work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Hi Jason...and welcome to the MT community.

A resounding "yes" to having O3s with IT personnel. I have been in IT management and leadership roles for nearly 30 years.

PM me with your contact info...and I would be happy to provide additional context off-line.


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MT not only works with IT, it practically started there.  MT then crossed the chasm to everywhere else.

Dig into the back catalog -- you'll notice the first podcast was "Solutions to a Stalled Technical Career".  The initial work which led to Manager Tools was one MT founder (Mike Auzanne) hiring the other (Mark Horstman) to help improve management at the large technical division Auzanne led.

I'm solidly one of the IT folks you're thinking of.  I enthuse about MT as much as I do about Agile, because they're both clear ways to improve individually and together.


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Thank you for the reply! I have scheduled our O3's and am excited to see how they work. Fingers crossed!