I am starting a new job as an area service manager on the first of February.  I will have 3 admins and 17-20 field service technicians reporting to me.  Scheduling the O3s with the admins will be straight forward, but my question is involves the service technicians.  What is the most productive way to schedule their O3s?  Their daily routine varies by location and time allocated to a service call.

Input is appreciated!



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My recommendation is to schedule the O3s with the goal of minimizing the impact of the O3s on their work at customer sites.  Start or end of the day or immediately before or after lunch are the best times in my mind.

I manage two field service teams, one in the US and one in Asia, and hold O3s with both team leaders. Per the M-T guidance, I gave them a choice of times. The Asia team leader chose to have his early in his morning, which is late in my day and works out well for both of us.  We normally do the O3 via Skype and meet in person whenever I'm in his area.  The US team leader chose to do it late in our day, when his technicians are less likely to need his guidance.  We normally meet in person and do the O3 over the phone when either of us is traveling.

If you're planning to do all the O3s by yourself, you'll by very busy.  I wish you all the best!


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