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I see the benefit of O3's with large number of direct reports so that you have a chance to spend that time with each one and keep in touch. I work in a finance position and have only 2 direct reports, whom reside right outside my door. Does anyone have any experience in O3's with very small number of direct reports? I think that I know them fairly well and hear their beefs constantly.

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Just b/c you have a very small number of direct reports and they are in close proximity doesn't mean you shouldn't do O3s.

My parents have been married 30 years (1 partner), live in the same house (proximity), yet never *really* talk. They don't commit time to sharing, getting to know each other, or generally foster the improvement of their relationship. Their relationship stinks.

Having an official forum when you regularly talk about the things that are important to both of you will virtually GUARANTEE you will cover what will be covered. If you don't -- both of you will eventually forget to talk about something, and it will be lost.

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We still strongly recommend it. I sat once for nearly five yaers in one office with one direct - assistant - NO office of my own, she was 10 feet from me...and we did one on ones. Worked like a charm; always amazed me what I heard in O3s.