I'm getting ready to schedule my O3s. I've listened to part one of rolling out the trininty and they indicate slots for my direct reports to choose from.

Is there anything wrong with just sending out meeting invites for specific times?

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The problem with sending out meeting invites for specific times is that it feels too much like a summons.  If you instead give people a choice of times, they feel like they have more of a say in the situation.  It's a lot like a valuable technique in handling children -- you give them control over everything that doesn't matter.  Ask them "which shirt would you like to wear, the red or the blue?"  There's no debate over whether they're going to wear a shirt, and they don't get infinite choice ("which shirt do you want to wear?" -- that way lies *madness*), but it does give them a feeling of control over their environment, which is important.  The same thing is going on here with one-on-one scheduling -- you're giving your directs a measure of control over their environment, in an area that you don't really care about (*which* time they want is irrelevant to you, since you've chosen a set of times that are *all* convenient for you) without giving them control over the important part (whether they're going to have a one-on-one with you).

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I'd upvote MattPalmer's post above if I could. (And his analogy brings back memories of both parenting and sales training--the "Either/Or" close.)

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Ya know ... I've only listened to 4 podcasts and I already knew the answer I was going to get. I guess I just needed to have someone say it as I just don't see my people falling for such a gesture of "control".

However, I'll chalk it up to another of the infinite number things beyond my current uderstanding and do as instructed.