I'm a law enforcement manager who has command of a platoon consisting of three first line supervisors (my immediate directs) and 22 officers.  I would like to begin using O3s with my directs and educate my sergeants on the value of doing them with their officers. A couple of obstacles I (we) face to get started are inconsistent work schedules, constant interruptions such as calls for service, questions from officers, the public or dispatch, and requests from top level management to respond to an immediate concern.   

Any suggestions are welcome. 




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I'm thinking you want to roll this out in a top down fashion with your directs first. If that's your plan, let me reaffirm your decision as I believe the best thing to do would be to implement it with your immediate directs first. When, and only when, they see the benefits, they can roll it out to their directs.

As to the challenge with different shifts there have been other threads that discussed doing o3's across multiple time zones. I think (but you should verify) that the consensus was that the boss bore the brunt of the scheduling at least until such time as the directs achieved ROI. After that, some alternated.

Perhaps with your directs you could schedule them around shift changes (guessing you probably thought of that already).

Good luck, and as the sergeant used to say on the 1980's TV show "Hill Street Blues," "Let's be careful out there."