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Hi !

I have started some O3 and noticed a totally difference response to it depending on the profile of my directs :

"I" and "S" are the easiest : they like to talk about themselves or the relation with the others. "S" lile one to one relation and discuss about how to make things better with their team. "I" like to talk, anyway !

"C" seem to find a way to exchange information and get more data. But they seem not to feel at ease when we talk about relations (what relations ?";"Why don't we exchange over the Email ?")? But it is still okay.

"D" are the more difficult : "What is this new strange idea ?";"We are loosing time";"I am not paid to talk but to act";"what do we do exactly here ?". "Why do you want to talk about anything else than results ?"."Aren"t you happy with me ?" Etc.

So it seems that the O3 is a very nice tool when the "D" is the manager because it "forces" him to listen to his I, S and C.
But it seems that "D" don't like this scheduled O3 : "I would prefer that we meet when there is a real problem".

What are your opinions and idea about this ?


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Yes, very much true to my experience.

And, you can tell those High D's (and it won't bother them): "thanks, but I'm the boss, and this is the way we do it here." They'll go right along.


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Yes this is what I said to one of my "D" managers. I am sure his ideas about the thing will change over time when he sees RESULTS !

Another one was very interested with the idea of O3 : not for him, but for his directs. He's got communication problems with them and is aware of it but could not find a way to solve it.
I explained to him the difference between a "D" and a "S". Then I suggested that his problems could come from the fact that the previous manager of his team was a pure "S" ... and it clicked !
So he has started implementing O3 with his directs.
My O3s with him will also be a way to follow how it is working for him ...

As you can see, your advices on the podcasts may completely change things in a positive way !