Hi all, I would appreciate some advice from "Career Tools minded" folks. :)

BLUF:  Last October, I was promoted/upgraded to a new position. As of my last paycheck, I have still not received an increase in pay. How should I handle this? How long should I wait?


I am a pilot in a corporate flight department. Last October, I was upgraded from First Officer to Captain in our company's Learjet (a significant pay increase). Actually, three other people are in the same situation, including the director of our department (my supervisor). 

Simultaneously, our company has been reevaluating our flight department's pay scale to bring it up closer to the industry average. While this is a good thing for all of us, I believe that this is what has blocked/delayed my promotion salary increase to at least the current level.

The question is:  How long do I wait for the company to compensate me for the job I am actually performing? It has been four months. There is no assurance that I will receive back pay for the wages I have missed (several thousand dollars, and counting). The company doesn't have a history of back paying. 

My supervisor is very frustrated about this as well, but can't really do anything else. With his "permission" I talked to his boss, a senior executive. He told me that they are working on the situation and that it should all be taken care of "soon", but could not tell me a date. That was one month ago. 

I really do hate to complain. I realize that if they go ahead and complete all of this, it will be great. I like my job and don't want to quit, but there is no way to know how long this will continue. Moral is low and several people are thinking about leaving. 

What to do?