How do explain to a DR that some of his peers find him unpleasant to work with. He has heard this before, and we have seen improvement at Mid year, But we had flair ups at end of the year.

Its annual review time.

He has had several loud disagreements with a couple of peers who try to work in his area.

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Focus on behaviours.  You say several loug disagreements, get more specific.  "When you riase your voice in arguments, talk over people, or don't listen to other people's opinions your co-workers don't see you as being part of the team or come to me and ask that they not be partnered with you, what can you do differently."  It is just feedback, ideally you would develiver this closer to the incident but at least you are doing it now.  You have said there has been improvements, you can use that as an indication that you know a change is possible.

One thing that helps me before having these difficult conversations is to ask myself what is the worst thing that is going to happen.  Realistically what is the worst thing.  You direct may get mad, he may quit, he may go to your boss about being picked-on, etc.  Can you deal with these?  Even if they were to quit, you should be prould that you were willing to take on the difficult conversation, not everyone will take them on.