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Leigh Buchanan has written a nice post showcasing a company that puts "military" After Action Reviews to good use.

A sure reminder to all of us to keep using the WWW/TALA.

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Good article RW

Thanks for sharing :)




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Mike and I often comment that there are two general types of responses to our military background.  The first is, "ewww, I don't want to be a dictator."  The second is, "wow, I bet you learned a lot there."

We did learn a lot there, largely because, as I've said elsewhere, we were given lots to do very early in our careers.

And for us, the idea that military leadership is dictatorial and not collaborative and not full of conflict and disagreements is laughable. 

At oour AAR's, EVERYBODY brought up ANYTHING that could have gone better.  the lower ranking person was EXPECTED to speak up, and be FRANK.  Failure to do so wasn't "politically smart", it was unprofessional.

It's hard to get to that kind of culture, but when you do, AAR's are worth their weight in gold.

And WWW/TALA is an accesible way for all to do them.