Any idea when the next Effective Manager Conference will be (after London)? I have a team of managers that I'd like to introduce to Manager Tools (and attend myself, of course).

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As of now, our next Effective Manager Conference is targeted for Dallas in the Spring. The dates are being finalized. We should have something on the site by early February with all of the details. I am saving your email address and will contact you personally once we have the venue nailed down. We'd be honored to have you and your team. As Mark and Mike will share, having peer Managers from the same company together at a conference is beneficial in rolling out the Trinity in one's organization.

We are looking forward to meeting you in 2009!

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Associate - Manager Tools Operations

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Any guess as to the cost? I have to exhaust my training grant by June so I'm trying to figure the cost of the MT conference in...

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Are you planning to have another Effective Manager Conference in NYC in 2009? Might there be any plans to bring the conference up to Boston? Looking forward to attending this year.

Bill D.

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Our 2009 conference schedule is being revisited at this point to be able to accommodate more locations in 09. I can assure that one of those locations with be the NYC area. Not sure about Boston, however I will note it for Mark and Mike. We are always open for suggestions and looking for ways to bring you the most value for your money -- particularly in these unsettling economic conditions.

As soon as we have anything firm, we will officially announce!

Best Regards,
Associate -- Manager Tools Operations

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Thanks Maggie -- I look forward to it.

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Thanks, looking forward to it.