I am new to the site and podcasting in general. So far, I have been using itunes to download podcasts. I would like to start at the beginning of the MT podcasts. Itunes collection of MT podcasts only goes back so far. I am able to listen to the MT podcasts through the MT site, however, how do I download the old episodes to my CPU so that I can load them onto my ipod?


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I right-clicked on the quick time player when listing to the podcast online, saved the file to my desktop, and then imported it into iTunes.

This may only work with Firefox--I'm sure IE would find some way to mess it up :p

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That's exactly what I do, right-click and Save As. That allows me to organise and decide where to store it. If you use iTunes, manually downloading doesn't automatically put it in the library, without doing File-Add File to Library.

I don't use iTunes or any other RSS pod-catcher, I'd rather download the content manually so that I know what and when. Perhaps I'm a bit of a Luddite in that respect.


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The normal podcast feed has only the latest 61 podcasts. If you are a registered member, you can add the Members-Only Feed, which contains ALL the Manager Tools podcasts, back to the very beginning (including the members-only casts).

The members-only feed is: 

Registration is free.



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Dave is right. The free Members-Only feed is the best way to download all of the back episodes. After subscribing to this feed, you can use the Get All button. I recommend unchecking the "Allow multiple downloads at the same time" box at the bottom of the Downloads window in iTunes when you do this. It avoids network timeouts from trying to get multiple episodes from the same Manager Tools server.

I also just posted some instructions for setting up Smart Playlists in iTunes: With so much great content to get through, you're going to need some help moving it in manageable chunks onto your iPod. Smart Playlists are a great solution to this.

As mentioned earlier you can manually download each episode from the website and open it in iTunes. This is just painful and you're likely to miss some really great episodes working this way.


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For others that are not familiar with iTunes (I wasn't) to subscribe to the members only feed, you need to go to the Advanced Menu item and select Subscribe to Podcast. You won't find the members only pod cast through the iTunes Store. Also, Jack's link to his Smart Playlists is excellent and well worth the read. Enjoy!

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Thanks. I'm glad folks our there are getting use from the Smart Playlists infomation. I know they've helped me and I'm glad they are helping others.

It is extremely useful to know where to find the Subscribe to Podcast option in the Advanced menu on iTunes.

Additionally if you open the Manager Tools website on the same computer you have iTunes installed, you should be able to click on the RSS Feeds link on the left side of the page. In here Mike and Mark have included iTunes buttons next to each of the feed titles. Clicking this should also subscribe you to that feed in iTunes. I've tried it with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. I don't know if it works in other browsers.

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Something to think about for premium members ....

Create a zip file of of all the premium content (shownotes, ppts) by year - eg, 

Inside the zip you could have folders for ea episode with the shownotes, ppts, etc in the folder.  This would make it easier for a new member to download one file for ea of the previous years and get all the premium content.


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Thanks for the great suggestion, medphred!


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I've run through a number of different ways of trying to fix this issue, as described in a few forums posts.

Nothing seems to do it for me. I'm beginning to think its an issue with my registered user account. When I log into this site, (left nav login under manager tools logo), I enter my username and password, and it logs me in with no issue. When I try that smae username and password on the RSS feed it doesn't give me access. No error message, just no access. I've tried this in iTunes and also in a browser with the same result.

For RSS feed links, I've tried using:

Please note the "https" on the second link.

I read that the error - [Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection], can be fixed by using a secure server, thus the "https"

Any thoughts?

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Please see the private message I sent you.


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Thanks Mike, I opened new account. Accessing the members-only podcast worked first time, without any issues. Now I can see all of the MT podcasts on iTunes.


Thanks Again!!


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Good to hear ... sorry again for the issues!