Hi All,
I only stumbled across Manager tools when I was surfing through iTunes. Jez I wish I had found this five years ago. I Live and work in Cork, Ireland and have 2 - 5 Direct reports.

I've just scheduled my first one on one for 3 weeks time and have already started using the Feedback model with some good results.

I'm really looking forward to catching up on previous Podcasts and chatting and contributing with everbody on the Forum


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Glad you found us, Charlie - no matter what the circumstances were (someone in Cork, Ireland...stumbling? No way.). :lol:

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[quote="HMac"]Glad you found us, Charlie - no matter what the circumstances were (someone in Cork, Ireland...stumbling? No way.). :lol:[/quote]

Its a Munster Tradition!!


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Welcome, Charlie.

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Welcome aboard Charlie. I hope you'll find these forums as useful as many of us do.

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Hi All,
Its great to see everyone is so welcoming on the forum.

I've started with the Manager's basics podcasts and am really enjoying them and finding them very useful already. Has anyone any recommendations on specific podcasts to listen to after these?


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Depends on your situation...

Do you need to hire folks? Is your company going through a merger or acquisition? Have you decided to look for another job?

I made a list of all the podcasts, listened to the ones that I needed to (M&A for example), checked them off the list, and then went back and listened to all the casts from the beginning.

(Ah, the benefits of an absurdly long commute...)


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Charlie, welcome.

I agree with John, what you listen to (after the basics) depends on your situation.

I will give this advice: don't wait too long before listening to the handshake one or the meal etiquette ones.

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Welcome Charlie!

You can always do what others have done and just order everything on the menu - that way you'll be ready for any situation!

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Welcome to the forums, Charlie! I hope you find the value here that I have.

As for order of listening - get the basics down. While you're implementing and practicing those, make sure you get the registered user series. Then pick a topic.

You can look for issues close to home (struggling with an employee's performance? visit all the feedback casts, coaching, and late stage coaching casts). You can look for items to go forward with (your resume stinks, annual reviews, building your network). You can also start at the beginning (there's great value here - I've used a number of podcasts that I didn't think I had need of at the time but was quite glad I had a clue when they cropped up at work).

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Welcome aboard Charlie. I hope you find these forums as useful we all do.

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Cead Mille Failte Charlie

Welcome aboard from a fellow Corkonian.