Hey Everyone,
I took a class at work this week that is made by Kepner Tregoe called Problem Solving and Decision Making. This is a very impressive class and well worth the money. If you'd like more info about the class itself here is the link to their borchure:

If you don't want to drop $1800 for the class the book is called The New Rational Manager by Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe. ISBN 978-0-9715627-1-4

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What, specifically, did you find impressive?


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During the class you do several case studies. Most of them are in industries the class has no prior experience with (photography film production, airlines, etc) and we are given a problem, for example the film was becoming foggy. After some research the class was able to identify two potential sources of this problem.

So I guess it is how this make a structure for problem solving and it is a system that can be applied in a multitude of industries to help save time and money. Also that it can be used for very severe problems and for everyday things as well.

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Did the class give you any feedback on your results in the case studies?

Otherwise it sounds like you could read the book and get the same benefits as from the class.

Yes, I am being a little harsh on you, but your initial post on the thread sounds like an ad. We're trying to get a little more information (or get confirmation that you're just advertising).

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Youre right... Now that I re-read it the post does sound like an ad :lol: Basically the instructor knew the actual cause of the problems and 90% of the time everyone either estimated that being the cause or narrowed it down to that particular or one other cause. Reading the book would be very benifical if you can pick up on the process. It can be a pretty confusing analysis to go through if you haven't done a few being supervised.