Is there anyway possible to do a effective Trinity roll-out in a few months?

  I go into my company's stores that are ranked bottom of their district, region or brand. Rarely I have more then nine months per store/team before I am off to the next location. Currently I have started the one-on-one's with the Sales Leadership Team as soon as I get there, which gives me a return on my time no matter the later outcome in every store. Usually I need to hire a Store Manager, if not a Co-Manager as well, for the location- so I attempt to pass the roll-out along to them so it's continued and successful matrix stay in place going forward.  If I could also roll out more of the Trinity while there I know it would give me and my company better insights and could be a great long term for the store as well.

   I would love to have thoughts on what I can speed up in the roll-out to get a high performing team in place while maintaining the absolute effectiveness the Trinity brings to those teams..... Thank you for any advice you might share!