As a "budding" future partner in an Architectural firm I am thankful that I have found access to Manager Tool which emphasize relationships with the people we work with everyday. The firm I work for has grown from 9 employees just over 4 years ago to almost 30 today with no signs of the work load slowing down. The two owners of the firm have been great at "riding the wave", but have experienced some difficult management goofs over the last few years that, in my opinion, provide me with a fantastic opportunity to assist with creating a work environment that encourages collaboration and creates a work place that invests not only in our potential clients, but in our most valuable resource which is our staff. There has been a lack of an organized effort to provide even a basic framework around which the staff is to operate which have created issues. The ownership wanted to have the freedom to have individualized "agreements" that have become impossible to manage. I have started listening to the Podcasts from the beginning and can already feel that through the knowledge I have coupled with the tools learned here I will be able to become a highly effective manager and future leader.

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Welcome Jeff!

We love architects here. You have to be a genius and tough as nails to make it through the hardest educational experience in America.

(And everyone THINKS it's med school. HA!)

Glad you're getting value from our work.