I started in and IT helpdesk 10 years ago and have done a few desktop support and server support jobs. Most recently I was in a very watered down IT Manager role that was in reality a glorified desktop support and server support job. There were just two of us looking after IT for seven fairly major businesses and it was insane.

I was made redundant after the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand closed three of these businesses and a fourth was sold. Fortunately I quickly found my first team leader role on the helpdesk of a software company. This job started about two weeks ago. So I now have a team of four people reporting to me. I was looking for resources last week because I knew I needed a way of hitting the ground running and Google helped me find this site, which has been very inspiring.

I am aiming to be a service desk / help desk manager or something similar someday in the next few years.



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Hi Julian,

I'm in Christchurch, and have been a MT fan for a few years.  I am currently in a Server support role for a large organisation, and enjoying the hint's tip's and feedback that this site and C-Tools offers.
It’s great to know there is someone else from NZ on this site, where are you based??
Congrats on your new Manager Role.

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Glad you're joining us! You will find a great deal of help in the podcasts and on the boards. I'm American but my husband works for Waikato Milking systems (Hamilton, a bit north of you). He is the US division sales manager.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!


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Hey Bru!

(Sorry) It's lovely to see more people from this end of the world coming on board


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Hi Julian

I'm a Kiwi (ex. Wellington) living in the US (Boston) and the site is hugely helpful - good luck and welcome aboard! Great to see more Kiwis here...