Here's the situation: a manager on my team is moving on. He has been using MT on his team. I'm hiring a new manager who hasn't done MT before. Are there any guidelines about transitioning him/her and the team?

E.g. He/she doesn't do One on Ones until I've done one on ones with him/her for a while?

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I had a manager who was also new.   I changed his managerial training goals to 16 hours of MT podcasts (if you add up the MT basics times, its pretty close to that).  I then met with him twice  week at 6:30am and we listened to the one on one casts together.  I would pause them periodically to relate my own experiences and what has worked for me. 

I encouraged him to become a licensee like myself, that way we were able to view the enhanced content together (can't to this ethically if everyone viewing the material isn't a licensee).  This worked for me and I intend to do it again with two new managers that I'm bringing up in 2014.  He began one on ones within a week of completing the podcasts.

Hope this helps.


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