Hello MT friends,

I'm looking for a little guidance while onboarding as a new manager (first role with directs). I've listened to the First Rule (fit in!) and started O3s (using the roadmap). I'm currently focusing on relationships (meeting all my stakeholders). Focus on knowledge transfer/cross training? I was wondering what to do from here? Is there any new manager guidance? 

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Yes -  Make sure you go back and listen to more MT Podcasts.


If you can afford it get the Subscription.

Good luck


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Congrats on your new role!  I am glad to see that you have found MT so early in your management career.  It sounds like you are taking the first steps to build relationships.  Remember that building a strong relationship is not a task on a to-do list that you can complete an action them mark it as done; make sure you continue to develop strong relationships with you directs, your manager, and your key stakeholder.

I agree with the comment above . . . listen to more MT.  The Management Trinity is the best place to start and will create a strong foundation for your management journey.

Finally, don't forget about results.  Before planning your next steps, take the time to make sure understand what are the results that are expected of you and your team.  Understanding what success looks like will help you to layout next steps.  If you don't know where you are going any road will take you there.   



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I'm dropping in a bit late here, but if you haven't read The First 90 Days, I highly recommend it.  The book has some fantastic insights on structuring your entry into a new role and making the most of it.