I'm Neil Robinson, a new listener who is slowing coming to grips with how little I really know about good management. I guess learning that I have a lot to learn is better than feeling that I know everything already.

For years I have been a highly-productive individual contributer in the software development field, albeit often with many management responsibilities. In the back of my mind I have had a feeling that I can make more of a difference by directly managing and mentoring others than just what I can produce myself.

So I'm embarking on a journey with Manager Tools as my guidebook and starting to network with friends and coworkers. The podcasts are excellent and helping me overcome my reluctance to step out over my regular comfort level.

Wish me luck!


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Good luck Neil!

Honestly though, what you seem to have what it takes. An open mind and a willingness to learn. Add some Honesty and Integrity, and your directs will be lucky people.

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome, Neil!

It can be a hard transition, but I've found it highly rewarding. I think one of my hardest lessons this year has been 'know what you're talking about, but make sure your people are the experts...not you' when it comes to managing a technical team. It helps to be able to pull the answer out of the air on occassion (I find that's more due to experience than simple knowledge)...and I find I'm much more effective when I allow them to focus on the technical and me to focus on the management, development, and leadership.

Very, very rewarding, however. I hope you find the joy in it that I have.

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You've come to the right place. As Mark Horstman says, and since I've been where you are, I can attest; "Welcome to 'Them'".

GO Rockies (Thought I'd throw that in! :D )

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Welcome! MT is a great resource for management knowledge. It's my "distance learning" class that never ends. :)

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Hi Neil!

I grew up in Kirkland and my brother & sister both live in Bellevue now. I'm the gypsy of the family :wink: but I still think of the East Side as "home."


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In some ways Canada is still home, but I've been down here almost 11 years. Enough to start supporting the most of the local sports teams.

Only 50+ podcasts to catch up.


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[quote="neilrobinson"]Only 50+ podcasts to catch up. [/quote]

Good luck! Give it gas! (as they say over here)

One thing I would recommend is to keep the podcasts on your hard drive or some sort of removable media.

I actually have begun going [i]back[/i] to review some of the more applicable podcasts recently.

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...burning the podcasts onto MP3 CDs for the car works well, too.