Hi!  I'm in the philadelphia suburbs.  I work for a medium sized software company and deal with the product management, development (bug fix and enhancement) and support (3rd tier escalations, everything from software, to hardware to training issues).

I am new to a management position and struggling with quite a few things.  actually feel quite out of place, though I know I can do the job well.

my team is made up of 3 totally different types of skill sets and trying to learn to manage all of them has been interesting

old boss is jealous of my promotion, which put me at the same level as him, but with greater responsibilties, former team members won't deal with me anymore because they still work for old boss.  it's been a real struggle for the last few months.  the struggles with making the two teams work together has been rough.

hoping to get some perspective and maybe some help from this site.

 so... Hi!  :)


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Welcome!  There are plenty of folks here in the software industry, and in product management, so you'll find lots of kindred spirits. 

And most of the management issues you'll face are not about the software, but about the people (!) so perspectives from outside your domain are going to be insightful as well. 

One of the core tenets of "Manager Tools" is a focus on behavior, and the avoidance of characterization.  Saying that your former boss is "jealous" doesn't help lead to a resolution of the problem.  Describe something specific that he says or does ("in meetings, he whispers to the person sitting next to him whenever I am speaking"... that sort of thing)

The more specific you can be about your situation, the more we can help. 

John Hack