Many thanks must go out to Mark and Mike! If it weren't for you and your most excellent information I would not have landed this new software development manager position.

This will be my second software development team to lead. I managed the first team for one year and it was a group of people that I generally knew beforehand within the same company.

Now I'm moving to a new company and I need some advice on how to handle my first day/week with my new team. Should I schedule an introduction meeting to get to know everyone and explain my management style and approach? What else should I do to start off my new job?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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First, congratulations on your new position! Very exciting!

I would start with a staff meeting, where I would explain how I do one-on-ones, how staff meetings are run, that I give feedback, and that I coach and delegate to develop staff. Let them know what will happen, and that I will be scheduling one on ones.

Then I would have the O3s. I'd allow a little extra time for the first few. Is there any history here you need to be aware of (poor performance, previous manager died unexpectedly, etc)? Be acutely aware.

In those O3s, I'd make sure I was assessing the communications styles of my directs, to improve my effectiveness.

Set up meetings with your new boss; the agenda outlined in the the Manage Your Boss podcasts (I am so looking forward to premium content!) will provide you with the key points you need to know to have a good relationship.

Finally, I'd also listen to the podcasts on "Better Internal Relations!" from Nov/Dec 2006, and meet with as many people in the firm as I possibly could, in all departments.

There's obviously more, but if you start with a staff meeting, doing your O3's, getting to know your boss, and creating good relationships in your firm, well, you'll be a star.


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My advice is: Fit in! Fit in! Fit in!

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Starting a new job is a great and scary feeling. It's the first day at school!

As a manager the temptation is to want to be able to know all, do all and tell all right from the start. Relax. Your directs and co-workers will give you time and space to be a manager they want to work for. What they are afraid is that you'll turn out to be a jerk!

As mentioned above, take the time to fit in. Get to know them. Let them get to know you. Tell them about yourself. Talk with all the stakeholders and figure out what you need to do to fit in. Start the O3s, staff meetings and coaching. It doesn't have to be a big rollout. It might go over better if it's not.

Best of luck!


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Fit in!

One on Ones!

Staff Meeting in Week 3.


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Thank you to everyone for your advice!