What do you all do when the contacts in your network don't respond?  Do you keep sending notes every 3 months? 

For me personally, if someone stops responding, I'd just drop them from the list and put them back on if I happen to cross paths with them later.  But maybe it makes sense to just keep sending them notes anyways.. Everyone is busy and sometimes it's tough for them to keep up as well

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...the advice you will find here is to keep sending the messages on a regular basis.

In one case, out of the blue, I called a contact rather than sending a note. My friend was extremely grateful that I had stayed in touch by email.

In short, do not consider responding to your "stay in touch" messages as an obligation on their part.

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Your quarterly "pings" should carry no obligation on their part to respond.  Therefore, you should draw no inferences from their lack of response. 

You should, however, look at your network from time to time and decide whether someone should still be in the network.  There are times when someone might be dropped (extreme example: Bernie Madoff.)   This would not be the rule, and certainly not because they didn't respond.  

John Hack