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Does anyone have experience using the trinity when their directs all have a career outside of your work? When rolling out feedback, how do you explain why you're neglecting a bottom performer for the first 6-8 weeks?

 I've managed 50 directs in a restaurant for 4 months. Most of my directs have a 40-hour career outside of the restaurant, whether it's another job or school. O3s cannot be scheduled weekly for this reason. My directs sign up for O3s whenever they want, so I don't meet with each direct on a consistent basis. Also, my staff is begging for consistent feedback. I'm part of a 4 manager team, and will be the only manager to give consistent feedback once I introduce it to my staff. I've assessed that I'm close enough with my staff to effectively roll out the feedback model as described (positive to top performers then positive to all, etc.). My concern with feedback is that I'll introduce it to 50 people, then neglect about 40 of them  (middle/bottom peformers) for 6-8 weeks. That's a big group of people who will wonder why they haven't been getting feedback. So do I tell them they're not top performers AND decline telling them how to become top performers for 6-8 weeks?


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Well one explanation is 'That's what I do for my top guys and girls'.

Rather than worry about what's missing, stick with the benefit that you are getting. It cannot all be done at once, so in parts is fine. The 6-8 weeks is about you learning how to give feedback just as much as it is about them learning to receive it, and they are a lot more forgiving audience.

When you start delivering feedback to your other 40 people, you will be much more skilled and confident in your delivery, so they get more from the experience.

Slower is faster with people?