I am delegating like crazy these days. I am a "do it all myself" person so I feel extremely stressed not knowing where all these projects and tasks are going. I'm not a control freak, but I believe part of my work performance is keeping tabs on where a project or task is going. Do you have a template that you use for tracking things that you have delegated and deliverables?

I know a lot of you mention Microsoft outlook, project management software, etc. but we are county government and no software is in the forecast. We use Groupwise, but I'm on the road a lot so tend to do this all by hand.

Any iphone apps out there for this? Word doc templates?

Any help is appreciated. I know I have to move along on this, but it isn't comfortable. (Good thing it isn't about me)


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I track tasks and *small* projects in my weekly one-on-one notes for each direct.

A simple square box in the margin is used to indicate a simple task...I check it off when the direct completes the task. Such items are kept in my O3 note book.

For example, this week one particular project is estimated to take two weeks. My direct outlined the four steps it will take to complete the project--I jotted them down and together we assigned due dates for each. During my "10 Minutes" at the next O3 I'll check back to the previous weeks' notes to monitor progress.

Other options include tracking projects in an Excel spreadsheet or using freeware/open source project management tools such as

Enjoy and best of good fortune to you!


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I appreciate that suggestion, I will amend my one on one sheet to include that. Very helpful.