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I have a DR who is struggling with keeping all his various tasks in order and managing the priorities of them. He has requested some coaching on 'Time Management'. I think it is really that he needs to understand that he must carve out some time for the 'big tasks' each week. Part of his role is 'internal tech support' so he lets that creep into his whole day.

I want to walk through the coaching model with him but am struggling to come up with good 'SMART' goals.

Any suggestions?

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I'm sure you'll get an interesting reply by Mark seeing your 'SMART' comment, as that was a fun rivalry at the conference in San Antonio. Anyway, to simplify things, its as simple as setting a measurable and time based goal. This should be created with the sense of behavior change you are after.

Maybe something like:
Consistently schedule time and work on the top 4-5 prioritized tasks for at least 20 hours per week and record this time with a consistent achievement record for 4 consecutive weeks before the end of Jan 2008.

Then, you need to look at some specifics on how to do this and iterate through your coaching model with continuous feedback and adjustments to the plan/act and review/measure stages.

Hope that might help! I owe it to the conference for helping me get better at delivering behavior change based goals.

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You should also direct him to listen to the podcasts on Time Management from May 2006, and the Juggling Koan (if he has directs) from Jan 2007.


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I would start with having the direct read David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD). And then interactively work out an implementation schedule.

This schedule will ultimately lead to more coaching opportunities.