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It's pretty common for a direct report to give referrals for open positions. In fact, most of the companies that I have worked for have had referral bonuses if the referral gets hired. This is helps internal employees work to try and attract talent, as well as helps the company get more information before the interview (the additional information being that an internal employee believes that the referral can be successful in the open position).

All that being said, don't forget that throughout the whole interview you are looking for a reason to say, "No, we shouldn't hire you." Keep in mind that this should be based on what you think the performance of the employee would be. If you agree with your current direct report about this prospect, then you can go ahead and hire him or her. And if you don't agree, then you don't move forward with this person. 

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I've rejected and hired candidates referred by team members.  When I've let the team member's referral sway a borderline decision, I've regretted it later.  But I've also had some gems join the team that came from referrals.

The hard part is maintaining your complete objectivity and having the strength to say no if you don't believe they will fit.

Regarding them ganging up on you, there is feedback for that. 

Hope that helps