Hi Guys,

Thanks for creating this resource and making it accessible for free. It is clear the value you are providing is significant. You are both sharing a lifetime of experience, study and practice and the listener gets a real sense you greatly enjoy making each podcast.

I discovered Manager-Tools (MT) when i took some time to investigate the value of Podcasts at an educational level for my business development interests. I subscribed to about 10 business related podcasts including MT about 2 months ago. I flicked through a few casts quickly to get some first impressions and listened to your first cast. I was hooked.

Since that first listen to cast one i have crammed all back issue MT casts back to back to catch up. I have not listened to another business podcast since. I was an MT addict. I have downloaded all casts to my Phone MP3 player and listen whilst driving and at the gym.

I manage a small business with about 30 staff across 5 remote offices. I have always struggled with the relationship management side of my role. On the DISC model i am a High D High I and your phrase about mind over matter (I don't mind and you don't matter) describes many of the interactions i usually had with staff. Not that i intended that to be my message.

MT works for me. I have put into practice much of the high level MT framework. My approach to this has been in the following steps:
1 - Profile everyone with the DISC model and practice personalised communication techniques
2 - Introduce the o3 weekly meetings
3 - Practice the feedback model
4 - Practice Coaching and Delegation
5 - Incorporate all of the above into the Performance Review process.
6 - Running the Hotwash initiative on projects

Feedback. This stuff really works. It is relatively easy to implement (easier for the High D's i guess, we just start doing it and then refine it on the fly). The results and benefits are instant in many cases. Staff response has been very positive. The feedback model has changed what was often a confrontation = negative outcome environment into a more positive and willing change environment. Everyone agrees the small course adjustment approach with feedback, feedback and more feedback will get our team where it wants to be faster.

My own management of the MT system involves using a Mind-Map layout for each employee plotting a high level position description and their core functions. I use this map in the Weekly o3 to review current activities, recognise achievement, set and track coaching and delegation plans and record feedback. I see this map evolving into a comprehensive collection of data for performance review purposes.

Thanks again. I really enjoy the casts. Keep it coming. Also appreciate your book suggestions and other reviews. It is very handy to have other experienced people share their reviews and opinions on other related products or services.

I would really welcome any further tools in future casts that deal with the management of remote teams, i know you have touched on it and have some great idea's. This still remains my biggest challenge area. Getting the most out of remote teams.

MT Addict

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I'll need a publicist for my book...

Thanks for the time and effort you put into these comments. It means a great deal to Mike and I that successful people like you have acted upon our advice and have improved their performance.

What you wrote could easily be titled, "Why Mike and Mark started Manager Tools."

Thanks. This made my day.