Would like to get an advice on the following situation.

We had an agreement with previous VP on that me and my team will be managing certain tasks, the process has been going on for around a year and was properly managed.

VP has left the company and another VP took over his role (I report directly to VP). New VP had a conversation with me about the process where he mentioned that he would like to let another team manage the process because that other team provides 24/7 coverage while ours is only 24/5 where I explained him that instead of moving this area to totally different team we could extend our team instead of moving it away to maintain control.

Never heard back from him, but recently found out from one of my direct report (i have 10 of those) that VP (my boss) asked my direct reports (who don't report directly to him) to forward all such requests to other team without notifying me about final decision.

So now I am looking for advice what would be the best approach here. It's obvious for me that this is poor management practices where instead of proper communication my boss decides to to avoid constructive discussion but I would like to get an advice on how to better manage this part?