I sent out the emails last week, set up the time and worked out the calendar.  I did my first one on one yesterday.  I decided that I'd do the most senior of my managers first.  She's been with the company 27+ years and knows where all the bodies are buried.  I had all the concerns that I've heard in the podcast...  What if we don't fill up the time?  Will she ask something I don't know?  Will we spend the time talking about her dog?

Truthfully, I think I had the most productive 30 minute session that I've ever had with her.  She arrived with a list, ready to go.  We ticked off her items one after another.  I made notes and the time hummed right along.  Then at about 15 minutes she kicked a question my direction that led into my time.  She asked me, why the change in management style and if I was planning to become all warm and fuzzy.  After I explained about manager tools, the podcast and such we moved on to the future.  I explained that I intended to meet with her every Wednesday and if I was traveling we'd be doing it by phone.  It went perfectly.

I should have started this ages ago.  Friday, I have two more one on ones.  I know that Mondays and Fridays are best avoided but when you have multiple sites, that isn't always optional. 

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It's good to read such a positive story from the first meeting, especially with a direct who I would expect to be among the more resistant to change.  It seems we all approach the start of O3s with some trepidation as we imagine all the awful things that might happen.  My own experience wasn't nearly so positive as yours, but I was also thankful that it wasn't negative.  My relationships with my directs have improved significantly since beginning O3s a couple of years ago, and I thought the relationships were already very strong.

Best of luck to you with the rest of them!